command-c10338763Command for Underground from SITECH Intermountain can keep your employees safe while boosting productivity. As part of the Cat MineStar suite of technology solutions, Command for Underground offers safe machine operation while putting the operator in a more comfortable, ergonomic environment, reducing fatigue and exposure to dust, noise, and vibration.

Productivity improvements and safety enhancements are combined into a robust semi-autonomous system for your mining operation. Unlike traditional line-of-sight remote control systems, Command for Underground Mining Technology does not require the operator to climb on and off the machine at various points in the load-haul-dump cycle. Instead, they remain in a safe, ergonomic work environment, often far from the machine. Not only is the operator in a safe environment, but there’s no need to stop production for shift changes or to vent after blasting in order to resume manned machine operations.

If you’re searching for the ideal balance of safety and productivity, SITECH Intermountain is here with an automation solution that delivers results.


  • Purpose-built with rugged reliability offering features targeted for underground mining.
  • Enhanced safety through removal of the operator from potentially hazardous environments.
  • Ergonomic system enabling operators to work in a comfortable office environment.
  • Increased utilization and productivity while reducing machine damage.
  • Reduced operation interruption due to shift changes.
  • Removal of the need to evacuate for ventilation after blasting.
  • Enables machines to operate faster and safer than traditional remote control systems.
  • Improved accuracy in tunnel navigation.


If you’d like a tour of a customer site or a demonstration of the technology above, please contact us to set up a time with one of our SITECH Intermountain mining specialists.