command-c10338763Running a large dozer on a mine site is a demanding job. Cat® Command for Dozing from SITECH Intermountain improves operator safety and efficiency by taking them off of their machines and letting them work from nearby or at remote locations. Deep integration with Cat machine systems enables smooth, precise control for maximum efficiency and productivity.





  • Portable Console – Complete control in a compact, over-the-shoulder console. Works well for short-duration activities like cleaning up under high-walls or stabilizing slides. Years of proven performance on mine sites worldwide.
  • Remote Operator Station – Enables the operator to work from a comfortable, seated position with familiar dozer controls. An optional Vision system incorporates four high-definition dozer-mounted cameras and a microphone, giving the operator a complete picture of the machine’s working environment for safe, productive operation in a wide range of site conditions.
  • Semi-Autonomous Operation – Allows a single operator to manage up to four machines in push-to-an-edge applications. Helps to maximize dozing efficiencies while reducing site operating costs.


  • PROTECT operators from on-site dangers and environmental hazards.
  • ELIMINATE prolonged exposure to noise, dust and vibration.
  • IMPROVE equipment utilization and shift-long operator efficiency.
  • APPLY geo-fencing and avoidance zone capabilities from Cat Terrain
  • ENABLE operations from a comfortable off-site command center close to home.
  • CHOOSE from a range of Command for dozing offerings to fit the needs of your site and applications.

If you’d like a tour of a customer site or a demonstration of the technology above, please contact us to set up a time with one of our SITECH Intermountain mining specialists.