command-c10338763From only a handful of trucks at a customer site in 2012 to the single largest autonomous truck fleet in the world today, Cat Command for Hauling has forever changed how mining companies move material. With Command for Hauling Mining Technology, you can move more with fewer people on site. Plus, machines with Command are also hauling more efficiently with near continuous operation. Proven on diverse operations around the globe, Cat Command from SITECH Intermountain is opening new possibilities for mines of all sizes and complexities.



  • Interact safely with other manned and light vehicles with multiple, redundant sensing systems.
  • Maintain optimal operating speeds and safe following distances at all times.
  • Extend careers by upgrading skills and reducing exposure to on-site hazards.


  • Optimize production with tight truck exchanges and no shift changes.
  • Prevent machine damage and downtime due to misuse and overloading.
  • Improve fuel efficiency and component life with consistent operation.


  • ENHANCE safety by removing operators from hazardous or remote sites.
  • REDUCE costs for employee infrastructure and travel to remote sites.
  • CONTINUE operation in bad weather when manned operations might shut down.
  • OPTIMIZE fleet utilization through 24/7 operation, stopping only for fueling and maintenance.
  • IMPROVE the efficiency of your operation by making it more consistent and predictable.
  • ALTER or redesign mine maps instantly to meet changing operational needs.
  • ENABLE advanced assignment and tracking from a central command center.
  • ALERT maintenance personnel to machine faults, enabling repairs before failure and reducing downtime.
  • ATTRACT new employees with a safe, comfortable work environment close to home.

If you’d like a tour of a customer site or a demonstration of the technology above, please contact us to set up a time with one of our SITECH Intermountain mining specialists.