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Fast and accurate survey data every time.

WingtraOne is an easy-to-use drone that delivers consistent, high-quality survey data faster and at a lower cost than other surveying tools.

Do a lot of work in a short time

With WingtraOne you get your data much faster than with other tools, even for large areas.

  • Cut mapping time
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Move on with other projects

Efficient fixed-wing flight

Fly at 16 m/s (36 mph) for up to 59 minutes per flight for large coverage.

61 MP camera

WingtraOne can fly higher than drones limited to 20 MP cameras, so you capture more ground and more detail with every picture and a larger area per flight.

No more GCPs, checkpoints only

With an onboard high-precision PPK GNSS receiver you no longer need to lay out ground control points (GCPs). Use as few as three checkpoints to verify your map quality

Lower image overlaps

High quality optics means you can reconstruct your map reliably even with lower overlaps. This means more new ground covered per flight line and maximum coverage per flight.

Maximum coverage with one flight

at 1.2 cm/px (0.5 in/px) GSD

WingtraOne RGB61
61 MP camera
310 ha (766 ac)
120 m (400 ft) altitude

Other fixed-wing drones
20 MP camera
70 ha (173 ac)
57 m (187 ft) altitude

Multicopter drones
20 MP camera
8 ha (20 ac)
44 m (144 ft) altitude

Cut costs with WingrtaOne

Faster data collection and expanded coverage mean fewer people in the field for less time, lowering the man-hour costs associated with data collection.

Data collection time and costs for an industrial complex of 1,200 ha (3,000 acres)


3 days

4,500 USD

Multicopter drones

10 days

15,000 USD

Terrestrial tools

20 days

30,000 USD

These three ports totaling an area of 3,000 acres (1,200 ha) were mapped in three days with an absolute horizontal accuracy of 0.6 in (1.5 cm). All figures are estimates and do not include post-processing and final output costs. Estimates are based on a 1,500 USD per day charge by the survey company.

Map anywhere

Thanks to its VTOL design, WingtraOne can take-off and land almost anywhere—even in confined spaces or on rough terrain. This enables you to collect data where other drones cannot

WingtraOne Camera

WingtraOne’s camera never comes into contact with the ground, meaning no debris scratching your camera lens and thus a longer equipment lifetime.

A reliable workhorse

No matter the conditions, WingtraOne operates safely and delivers high-quality data, consistently.

Engineered and assembled in Switzerland

Each drone is subjected to more than 300 rigorous tests to ensure the highest quality standard

Industry-leading reliability

More than 100,000 flights and 6 years of continuous testing and enhancements will ensure maximum up-time for your operations.

Predictive self-diagnosis

WingtraOne self-diagnosis component malfunctions using advanced machine learning algorithms based on thousands of flights

Automated safety checks

Before every flight, the WingtraOne automatically checks its own sensors and actuators to make sure you can fly safely.

Data quality that will set you apart

Equipped with a 42 MP full-frame Sony camera, the WingtraOne takes sharp and undistorted nadir images with high pixel density, resulting in a GSD of down to 0.7 cm / px.

GSD down to
0.7 cm/px
(0.3 in/px)