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Grade Control for Motor Graders

One and Done.
Leave a finished grade the first time, every time

New! Mastless Motor Grader

Eliminate masts and cables traditionally located on the blade for maximum range of motion needed for steep slopes and complex designs. Now you can decrease risk of damage to the machine, keep valuable antennas safer and reduce the time needed to remove and reinstall them each day.

Configuration Options for Motor Graders

Product Applications Configurations Description
  • Highway and railway construction
  • Airport construction
  • Concrete pours and slab placement
  • Residential and commercial site construction
Single GNSS Measures the position and slope of the blade and compares that to design data for fine grading on complex design surfaces
Dual GNSS Measures the exact position, cross slope and heading of the blade for fine grading on steep slopes and complex design surfaces
Universal Total Station (UTS) Total station based system for extreme accuracy for lift and layer control, material monitoring, or where GNSS is not the ideal solution because of overhead obstructions
  • Road and highway projects
  • Land reclamation projects
  • Dam and reservoir construction
  • New infrastructure projects
Cross-slope Only Cross-slope control system to be used on motor graders for fine grading work for road maintenance, ditches and slope work
Single Elevation Plus Cross-slope Single control system uses a laser or sonic receiver to control the lift of the machine blade and the cross-slope for flat, slopework, and finished grading
Dual Elevation Dual control system that uses a laser receiver and a sonic tracer for higher accuracy lift control. Blade edge can be controlled independently or linked

3D Grade Control for Motor Graders

Trimble 3D grade control can be installed on motor graders to put the site plan – design surfaces, grades and alignments – inside the cab.


  • Accurately measure the position and blade slope with the single GNSS antenna configuration
  • Measure the exact position, cross slope and the heading of the blade with dual GNSS

Finished Grade

  • Achieve finished grade to millimeter accuracy with fewer passes
  • Place finished grade materials more accurately and in a shorter time period, keeping material costs to a minimum and realizing better profits

2D Grade Control for Motor Graders

2D grade control systems from Trimble are an excellent first investment for contractors new to construction technology.


  • Measure the lift and tilt of the blade with a single laser and laser receiver
  • Measure the slope of the blade by adding another laser receiver or a slope sensor
  • Get to grade more accurately and quickly with in-cab elevation and slope guidance
  • Upgrade to a 3D grade control system as your organization grows

Finished Grade

  • Achieve tight tolerances and a smooth finished grade with precise vertical guidance.
  • Calculate the cross-slope of the blade using two angle sensors and a rotation sensor
  • Add a laser receiver or a sonic tracer to measure elevation¬†
  • Trace stringline, previous pass, or curb and gutter with a sonic tracer