The Upcoming GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO)

A GPS week rollover will occur at the end of the GPS day on April 6, 2019, at which time the GPS week will transition from week 2047 to 2048. However, because the GPS message structure broadcast by the satellites defines the week as a 10-bit value, the GPS messages will indicate that the week has changed from 1023 to week 0.

Trimble has performed tests using a GNSS simulator to verify that the receiver firmware correctly handles the week rollover in different scenarios, including real time kinematic and static surveys with various input and output messages, as well as data file format conversions.

How to Prepare for the Week Rollover

It is recommended to install the latest receiver firmware version using Trimble Installation Manager for current products or Trimble WinFlash for legacy products.

All Trimble receivers with firmware version 2.32 or newer will continue to operate normally following the rollover.

*Note: The SPS785 requires FW v3.80

If you have any questions or concerns please give our GPS specialists a call.